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The roman walls

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This great Roman work is the oldest monument of this civilization in the Iberian Peninsula.

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The roman walls

The enclosure known as the Archeological Way is flanked by the roman walls to which were added fortified towers from the XIV Century onwards.

This great roman work is the oldest monument of this civilization in the Iberian Peninsula. Here, we find specific elements such as towers, cyclopean posterns, the goddess Minerva relief, and copies of sculptures such as Augustus of Prima Porta or the typical Capitoline wolf, a present from our mother, Rome.

In one Bulwark (Saint Domènec), there are panels which explain in detail the history of the fortifications of Tarragona.

Attention!  The only entrance with a ticket office is found next to the Portal del Roser and the walk is one way only to the exit which is 400m away.

Fun fact! The walk was inaugurated in 1933 during the second Spanish Republic. The primary idea was to decorate the gardens with original roman statues, but in the end the statues remained in the archeological museum.

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