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The local forum

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The main commercial, administrative, leisure and social activities of Tarraco took place in the forum of the colony.

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The local forum

The local forum is where the main commercial, administrative, recreational, and social activities took place in Tarraco. Unlike in other cities in the Empire, in Tarragona it was not placed at the crossroads of the typical central streets, the cardo and the decumanus, but rather in the lower part of the city.

It was located within the residential area beside the walls and upon a mound with commanding views of the port. Dating from the first century B.C. it was the headquarters of the local administration of the Tarragona colony, as well as its social and religious center.

It also served as a public market open to all the inhabitants of the city. It was made up of a large square with public buildings, temples, a basilica, the curia, shops, and statues dedicated to the most important personalities of Rome and Tarragona.

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