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Map of Roman Tarragona

By Xavi Mejuto
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Itinere has coordinated the work of prestigious arqueologists from Tarragona with that of the illustrator Hugo Prades, creator of the original drawing.

The authors have followed a scientific criterium, which is, at the same time dynamic and fun, basedon the data we have about the layout of the Roman city. The lesser-known areas were basedon similar Roman cities.

The result is this hypothetical restoration of the city of Tarraco, capital of Hispania Citerior, the largest province in the roman empire.

It represents a normal day in Tarraco, at 12 o’clock midday in the second century. At that time, the population of the city was estimated at 40,000 inhabitants.

The map is full of life and bristling with detail, highlighting the residential area of the city.

The local Forum and its surroundings, the area most frequented by the inhabitants of Tarraco, are shown in the foreground tosuch an extent that it is possible, with a bit of attention to discern people going to the tabernae and the market in the forum. It’s also possible to see boats that are moored in the great port of the city, the backbone of its economy.

The map also shows how the city extended far beyond the walls and how rural activity was particularly important at that time.

Recent arqueological discoveries have been incorporated into the map, such as the public baths, as well as the vital structures necessary for the proper functioning of the city, like the aqueducts and roads.

The Itinere tour guides consider this map to be a tool which is indispensable for understanding the urban structure of Tarraco, as it is an ideal accessory for the guide’s explanations which allows the visitors to Tarragona to get their bearings during the tour.

The map can be acquired in the Itinere Tourism and Culture office located in the Portal del Roser gate in Tarragona.

mapa tarraco romana itinere
mapa tarraco romana itinere
  1. The Temple of Augustus
  2. The Provincial Forum of Hispania Citerior
  3. The Circus
  4. Walls
  5. Aqueduct 
  6. Amphitheatre
  7. Local Forum and Basilica
  8. Theatre
  9. Port
  10. Harbour warehouses
  11. Via Augusta
  12. Cemeteries and funeral monuments
  13. Public baths
  14. Suburban villas
  15. Insulae
  16. Ager tarraconensis

If you wish to live nearer to Roman Tarragona, in Itinere we conduct theguided tour and the private tour where we explain all in detail.

Xavi Mejuto
Catalan Guide number 829. Xavi founded Itinere in 1997 when only 26 years old, and now feels proud of the team he has built up over the years. A veritable expert on Tarragona and its history, he is pleased to act as host to the city.

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