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History in Tarragona

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A day at the Gladiators in Tarraco

A day spent sitting in the amphitheater in Roman Tarraco would have been a highlight in the entertainments calendar for most sentient Roman citizens who inhabited the city two thousand […]

Map of medieval Tarragona

With this poster, ITINERE would like to reveal one of the least known aspects of the city of Tarragona: Its image in the medieval era, at the end of the XIV century.

Map of Roman Tarragona

Itinere has coordinated the work of prestigious arqueologists from Tarragona with that of the illustrator Hugo Prades, creator of the original drawing.

Napoleonic war in Tarragona

In August 1813, the French Imperial Army finally withdrew from Tarragona. The Napoleonic governor general Bertoletti and his soldiers had occupied the city since its capture in 1811 and had […]

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