aqueduct of tarragona
the aqueduct of Les Ferreres
the quarry of El Medol


Romans: the greatest engineers

Discover 2 impressive Roman sites outside the city: the aqueduct of Les Ferreres and the quarry of El Mèdol.

We will follow the footprints of the Romans away from Tarragona and enjoy an off-the-beaten-path gem: the aqueduct of Les Ferreres, a magnificent piece of Roman architecture, also known as “the devil’s bridge”.

This magnificent aqueduct is located in a beautiful and peaceful setting, surrounded by a nice forest.

We will get the chance to walk over the aqueduct and enjoy the wonderful views and also walk in the valley below.

We will then drive to the quarry of El Mèdol, used to build the most important buildings of Tarraco.

Its beautiful and dramatic environment and architecture make it a site well worth visiting.