Book this private tour and discover Tarragona hidden gems as you pleasantly walk through the city!

Tarragona Hidden Gems
Tarragona Hidden Gems
Tarragona Hidden Gems

On this route, we will see that there really is a Roman city under the Old Town and an enthusiastic and experienced guide will explain the archaeological work carried out for its recovery.

We will also walk through nice little streets around the Cathedral, full of interesting stories and curiosities and you will find out some amazing traditions of Tarragona like the impressive human towers.

The guide, like any good host, holds the keys to some elegant mansions courtyards in the Old Town and we will surprise you by opening them exclusively for a short visit.

And the tour will end up at the breathtaking Mediterranean Balcony, a lookout point offering excellent views of the port, beach, and of course, the Mediterranean Sea.


  • 3 hour guided visit 120 € (weekdays), 135 € (holidays and weekends)
  • Price includes a maximum of 6 adults and 6 children (15 € for each additional person)
  • Price includes entrance to Amphitheatre and Roman Circus and free parking during the guided visit.
  • Optional entrance to Cathedral: 4€ adults
  • Experienced guides with a wide knowledge of Tarragona and outskirts that can offer helpful suggestions during your stay.
  • Illustrated material to create a more delightful experience that the children will also enjoy.