Siege Tarragona Guided Tour
Napoleon Tarragona Guided Tour
Napoleon Tarragona Private Tour


A guided tour of Tarragona’s most dramatic episode during the peninsular war in 1811.

Our private guided tour takes us along superbly preserved bastions that still show the marks of the French siege of 1811, which took place during the Peninsular War. This epic struggle, undoubtedly the most dramatic episode in the history of the city, left Tarragona devastated after 56 days of heroic resistance and sacrifice from both men and women.

We hear the development of events related through the hitherto unpublished testimonies of British eye-witnesses and participants, including military personnel and Royal Navy Captains. All the information in the tour is fruit of an exhaustive search in several archives both in the UK and Spain, carried out by our historic researcher Adam Gerard Quigley, who lives in the city today. The tour includes numerous anecdotes about the characters involved and ends with exclusive access to a Palace forecourt.


  • 2 hour guided visit on foot 90 € (weekdays), 100 € (holidays and weekends)
  • Price includes a maximum of 6 adults and 6 children (10 € for each additional person)
  • Price includes entrance to the defensive walls, a Mansion patio and free parking during the guided visit.
  • Experienced guide with a wide knowledge of the siege of Tarragona who has had access to hitherto unpublished documents.